Other Services


Note: These services are only available to UCI clients.

  1. Rederivation by embryo transfer:Rederivation is used to eliminate pathogens from a mouse line. This is accomplished by harvesting pre-implantation embryos from a group of females supplied by the client, taking the embryos through a number of wash steps, and implanting them into pseudopregnant foster mothers. The foster mothers are quarantined until their pups are weaned, then testing is performed on the foster mothers to show that the pathogens have been eliminated.
  2. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization):IVF is used to reconstitute live mice from fresh or frozen sperm. Oocytes are harvested from females of the appropriate background (usually following hyperovulation) and mixed with sperm in a special culture medium. After 4-6 hours of incubation, all embryos are transferred to fresh medium and incubated overnight to allow fertilized eggs to develop to the 2-cell stage. All 2-cell stage embryos are then transferred to the oviducts of pseudopregnant foster mothers.IVF can also be used to generate a large cohort of same-aged mice in one step, using sperm harvested from a single male. The pup yield from this process is affected by a variety of factors and cannot be guaranteed. A maximum of 12 oocyte donors can be processed in one IVF session.
  3. Mouse Genotyping:The TMF biopsies mouse pups in one of 2 ways, either by clipping the distal phalange of one or more toes, or by cutting a small amount of tissue from the tip of the tail (usually about 2-3 mm). At the same time, each pup in a litter is permanently identified using the toe-clipping pattern or a pattern of ear notches for mice that have been tail-cut. DNA is extracted from the biopsies and genotyped by PCR, using primers and a protocol supplied by the client. Southern blotting can also be used by the TMF for genotyping.


Contact the TMF for a Service Request Form. The completed form must be signed by the Principal Investigator.  Signed forms should be e-mailed to the TMF as a scanned image.